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The best of China's herbs at your fingertips, buy now and feel the difference!
The best of China's herbs at your fingertips, buy now and feel the difference!

Da Huang (Zhi) 制大黄 EXP 05/25

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Properties: Bitter, Cold. 

Channels: Spleen, Stomach, Large intestine, Liver, Pericardium.

General Functions and indications: Purgative, clears heat drain fire, cool the blood, resolve toxicity, clear blood stasis regulate menstrual flow, drain dampness, treat jaundice. Used for excess heat with food stagnation, constipation,  heat in the blood vomiting and blood nose, redness of the eyes, swelling in the throat, carbuncles and boils, intestinal abscess abdominal pain, blood stasis causing amenorrhea, postpartum stasis, sports injury, dysentery due to damp heat, jaundice, dark urine, stranguria, oedema. Externally used for burns.

制大黄 Shu Da Huang Weaker laxative and drain fire action, resolve toxicity, it clears heat and eliminates dampness. Used for toxic fire sores and ulcers. More appropriate for weaker patients. It can be used for Jaundice due to damp heat with yellowish complexion and eyes, thirst, abdominal distention. Strangury dysuria due to damp heat in the bladder with acute pain, distention of the lower abdomen, dark, turbid or reddish urine, urgent frequent micturition. Abdominal and epigastric distention and fullness due to accumulation of damp heat in the stomach and large intestine followed by food stagnation with diarrhoea or constipation, dark, scanty, urine. Dysentery, diarrhea due to damp heat in the large intestine with a burning sensation around the anus, abdominal pain, tenesmus, pussy, bloody stools.

大黄炭 Da Huang Tan Cool the blood, remove blood stasis, stops bleeding, Used for  heat in the blood, stasis and bleeding disorders.

Usage and dosage: 315gShould not be fried for a long time if used for purgation. Externally used in appropriate amounts, apply powder to affected area.

Caution: Used with caution during pregnancy, menstruation and breastfeeding

100g/ bottle - Highly Concentrated Herbal Granule Extract