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The best of China's herbs at your fingertips, buy now and feel the difference!
The best of China's herbs at your fingertips, buy now and feel the difference!

Dang Gui (jiu) 酒当归

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Properties: Sweet, Pungent, Warm.

Channels: Liver, Heart, Spleen

General Functions and indications: Tonify blood invigorate the blood, regulate menstruation alleviate pain; loosen the bowels to relieve constipation. used for blood deficiency chlorosis (iron deficiency underlying), vertigo Heart palpitation, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea painful menstruation, deficiency Cold and abdominal pain, wind damp arthralgia, fall injury, carbuncle boil, dryness in the intestines constipation.

当归头 Dang Gui Tou Said to be the most tonifying part of the herb, but less effective in moving of blood.

当归尾 Dang Gui Wei least tonifying part of the herb but most effective at moving the blood.

酒当归 Jiu Dang GuNourishes the blood, quickens the blood, dispels blood stasis. Promotes blood flow to induce menstruation. Used for amenorrhea painful menstruation, wind damp arthralgia, fall injury. Has a slightly stronger intestine moistening quality, as well as ability to invigorate the blood, more appropriate for patterns of blood stasis accompanied by blood deficiency. Menstrual irregularity due to blood deficiency. Dysmenorrhea due to blood deficiency and blood stasis. Amenorrhea due to qi and blood deficiency or qi and blood stagnation. Postpartum abdominal pain due to cold in the uterus and blood stasis. Traumatic injury.

Usage and dosage: 6-12g.

100g/ bottle - Highly Concentrated Herbal Granule Extract