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The best of China's herbs at your fingertips, buy now and feel the difference!
The best of China's herbs at your fingertips, buy now and feel the difference!


  • Tianjiang Pharmaceutical

    Tianjiang Pharmaceutical

    Tianjiang Pharmaceutical was founded in 1992, their company is the world’s leading manufacturer of Chinese herbal extracts. Not only do they maintain their domestic and international pharmaceutical standards in quality and manufacturing practices, they lead the field in scientific research...

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  • "Daodi" Practice

    "Daodi" Practice

    "Daodi" has been widely recognised throughout China for centuries, it is the practice of cultivating and producing herbal products in specific geographical locations with the intention of utilizing the regions natural conditions and ecological environment, with particular focus on cultivation...

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  • Full Extraction Herbs

    Full Extraction Herbs

    What do we mean by Fully Extracted herbs? Full extractions contain all the active chemical components of the whole herbs within the concentration form. They are specifically manufactured to mimic that of a traditional decoction. This results in the use...

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  • Chinese herbal medicine

    Raw Materials

    It has been said that a good foundation makes up a good house. In Herbal extracts a good base of raw materials makes up a good end formulation. It is why Tianjiang uses freshly sourced herbs from all around China, ensuring quality through testing and identification before producing the final product you see today.
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  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    In order to ensure quality, Tianjiang have implemented a traceable platform covering the entire process from seedlings up until commercial circulation, in particular in production and supply.Raw herbal materials undergo extensive safety testing for heavy metals, pesticides etc. with certificates...

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